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As a McKenzie practitioner, I recommended the McKenzie Lumbar roll for over 20 years with confidence; they are a quality and effective product.  However, while attending a Physical Therapy conference in 2005 I happened to “try” the Back Vitalizer in the Exhibition Hall….well, it totally amazed me and I ordered a dozen immediately.  I am almost embarrassed about how excited I am about this pillow!  It really does comfortably and effectively correct your individual sitting posture.  As sitting is the number one cause of Low Back Pain, the proactive use of this pillow would significantly decrease the number of new cases of Low Back pain and possibly even cervical Pain.  I am also impressed that since I first tried this pillow there have been at least 5 very substantial and effective improvements.  Yes, I love this pillow!


Multi-function air pillow works as a lumbar support, an exercise ball, a posture positioning wedge, a balance trainer, a lumbar decompressor and more.

A 17 1/2" x 13 1/5" multi-functional air pillow, the Back Vitalizer™ offers multiple ways to relieve back pain and is perfect for people who sit for long periods:

  • When laid upon, it bridges the lumbar spine for decompression of the discs
  • Placed on a chair behind the back, it functions as a lumbar support
  • When sat upon, it functions similar to an exercise ball, activating the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine for core stability
  • On the seating surface, it functions as a posture positioning wedge
  • In standing, it can be used for ankle rehab and balance training
  • It has automobile grade polyurethane leather on one side and 3D air circulation fabric on the other; both sides are durable and easily washable 
  • An air valve system that provides easily adjustable inflation for total control of the level of support that feels right for you- it is NOT a “one size fits all.”
  • Adjustable elastic strap to easily secure the pillow to most chairs
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