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We offer two distinct health services at Spine & Sport Institute;
Our Premier Physical Therapy Division and our Medically Supervised Wellness Division.


We take both pride and pleasure in providing the highest quality of PHYSICAL THERAPY that is individualized, effective and efficient, delivered in a respectful and compassionate manner with tremendous emphasis on patient education.

We provide Physical Therapy to all Orthopedic and Neuromuscular conditions; I will spare you the long list of diagnoses and joints physical therapists treat.  However, I believe you should know what we specialize in and what conditions we may refer to another provider.

We specialize in all things Spine (Herniated Discs, Sciatica, Radiculopathy, Stenosis, Degenerated Disc Disease) and all things Pelvis (SI Joint, Internal Pelvic Floor including pain and incontinence for men and women) and the extremity joints .

While we treat sport and orthopedic injuries in children, we do not specialize in Neurological Pediatric conditions and recommend you seek a credentialed provider who specializes in Pediatrics. For advanced, complex or surgical conditions of the hand, we recommend you contact Indian River Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation at (772) 562-6401. Roslyn Evans is an internationally recognized Occupational therapist whom I recommend with absolute confidence.

For some reason (could it be my age?) in the last few years I have become quite interested in Balance Programs and Optimal Senior Function Programs; Please see the B4, Balance and Post Rehab programs below, including where I discuss the typical patient discharge criteria as selling the patient short.

    This is our cash-based program which gives you autonomy over the parameters of your care, including the number and length of your visits. As with all of our interventions, following a detailed review of our findings, your input as to the type of treatment you receive is invited. We will discuss the anticipated time and costs with you. While the primary intent of our Self-Directed model is to provide high quality Physical Therapy to individuals without insurance coverage, we find there are many instances when we are actually less expensive than when using insurance, especially when we are out of network.
    Spine & Sport Institute accepts Medicare assignment, most Work Comp and Auto Insurance. We will work with all other insurance companies and, as a convenience to you, will submit our fees for services, but we do not participate in or accept their fee schedule, i.e. we are considered “out of network.



We offer a number of cutting-edge interventions incorporating Neuroscience, Biomechanical Integrity and Physiological Integration to achieve the highest level of personal performance, beyond the resolution of pain or impairment.

  • Post-Rehab: We want your function to be better than “within normal limits.” A transitional program from Physical Therapy to your personal best level of function. When we discharge a patient based on the insurance model, we have simply resolved the acute complaint or dysfunction but have not resolved the impairments that have slowly led up to “the problem”. This is a disservice.  Our Post Rehab program is a transitional program from Physical Therapy to your personal best level of function.
  • Personal Training: For optimal function of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, including strength, flexibility, endurance, BMI, and balance, and the prevention of injuries.  Learn more...
  • B4: Our very own creation! Experiential and academic program, encompassing the contributions and interrelationships of the Brain, Breath, Belly and Balance to your overall health, well-being and vitality. This is a program designed to bring you back to the time before your injury or onset of symptoms. In working with people over the last 50 years, I have come to realize that the onset date, i.e. the day you believe your function changed or your pain began, is very often well after the actual physical change or dysfunction commenced.  When was the last time you felt like you?
  • Balance
  • Alter G: The Alter-G is a treadmill that allows a patient to walk, jog, run, exercise with the ability to reduce gravity’s impact on their joints by removing anywhere from 0% to 80% of their body weight. The Alter-G works by using a NASA patented Differential Air Pressure unweighting technology. Learn more...
  • Golf/Sport Specific Structural Performance: Just like the importance of the alignment of the wheels on a race car, the structural integrity of your posture and skeletal frame has a dramatic effect on sport performance and enjoyment. Pain, restricted or altered motion will lessen the enjoyment and possibly even cause an unnecessary decrease in play.
  • Concussion Management: Concussion is complex and may present with various symptoms — some that appear right away and others that might not be noticed for days, weeks or months after the injury.  Learn more...
  • Pain Management: Chronic Pain:
  • Lymphedema:
  • Blood Flow Restriction Therapy: Blood-flow restriction training can help patients to make greater strength training gains while lifting lighter loads, thereby reducing the overall stress placed on the limb. Learn more...
  • Back in Business: Injury Prevention and Wellness Programs in the work place.



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